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Helping Real Estate Companies

Our Story.

Get to Know Us

STRIX Advisors was founded on two very simple principles. First, growing a company should be fun. Second, never lose focus on the people. In today’s corporate environment, it has become too easy to run a business by the balance sheet alone. 

We believe there is a better way.

STRIX is the culmination of three like-minded industry veterans coming together through a shared passion for helping people. We combine an analytical process, our people-first commitment, and a pragmatic approach to drive a successful outcome. Improving the balance sheet — alongside the customer experience — becomes the proof of success.

Expert Consulting in the Real Estate Industry

Why Choose Us.

Our team has lived through every type of real estate cycle and knows the challenges of each. Our experience and approach will allow you to react quickly to changes in the environment and continue your growth trajectory despite potential market headwinds.

STRIX-Business Expertise

Real Estate Business Expertise

Every client is unique. We pride ourselves on understanding each client and developing
solutions that are just as unique as they are.

Business Solutions

Tailored Solutions for your Business

Growth strategies must be rooted in fact, and we have created analytical processes that act as the foundation for every strategic plan. Starting with a clear and concrete view of the market and client ensures that plans are achievable and comprehensive.

Business meeting

Data-Driven Strategic Planning

Our experience spans a wide spectrum of clients. We have supported global institutions, regional and local brokerage houses, and even single brokerage teams. Our current geographic reach extends from coast to coast.

STRIX-Business Expertise

National and Regional Reach

Client Testimonals

Will Strong

Cushman & Wakefield

I’ve always been a little weary of consultants, but this team really gets our business. They understood the team and quickly identified ways we could improve.

Confidential Business Owner

I thought that STRIX would validate and add color to what I knew, but they were able to shed light on totally new opportunities that we have been overlooking for years.

Need more details?

For any inquires, contact us by phone or email.

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